I MAKE MOVIES: adlands

Aug 8, 2015

Yo!  Plz enjoy these movies I made.

i make movies


i make movies2




These movies are part of an ongoing series I call ADLANDS– collages of advertising from years past.  I love the way media reflects and shapes our world.  Cutting up content, using only the finest, most expressive parts of it, putting it together to create new meaning… that’s alchemy, baby.

What’s that music?  I made it.  You can hear more of my stuff here.  Or not.  It’s weird.



Link City: A ROUNDUP of the week’s best news

Jul 7, 2015

suzy mae link city-Funny ha-ha

Awful Reviews mashes together one-star movie review quotes with theatrical posters, to great comic effect.

These chickens tho!  Proud-ass roosters strutting around are the focus of Cocks, a photography book by Ernest Goh.  Malaysian beauty pageants for chickens.  I’m into it.

Remember when the Adventure Time creator made an epic real-time Choose Your Own Adventure Twitter story?  Pure joy.  Great illustrations.  Absurdity incarnate.

Jurassic Paint.  Not quite a blockbuster, but it’s coming to you this summer.

suzy mae link city-3

GO! Paranoia

The Catman of Greenock— a mysterious, rat-eating human who lives in the alleys and back streets of Scotland like an alley cat.

Asteroids hit Earth all the time.

Powdered alcohol, a how-to (or cautionary tale?)

Outfits for girls that keep you isolated, alone, and safe.

suzy mae link city-2

Sexy Stuff

Beautifully crocheted animal skeletons by artist Caitlin McCormack.

Confronting your inner void means putting down Tinder.

The romantic tale of Siegfried and Roy.  (Heart Emoji!)

Disney has no sense of humor about Amy Schumer’s 3PO threeway.


Only OK Header

Only OK in LA

Jun 6, 2015

Do You Know What LA People Are Like? It’s been five years since I landed in LA, land of the waxed and tanned.  Coming from Portland, Oregon, warnings and scoldings were plentiful.

“Do you know what people are like in Los Angeles?”

“Have you actually ever been to LA?”

“Don’t let it change you.”

Laughing off these Northwest admonitions, I arrived in my new city, ready to take the streets by storm.  (Insert sarcastic snicker here.)  I found work quickly, connected with friends old and new, and gradually, it happened.  Things began coming out of my mouth I could not deny as true nor fully comprehend.

Meet you After Tanning

“You seem a little drunk.  Be careful driving home.”

“I have meetings at eleven and two. Can you do a lunch at Katsuya?”

“I don’t want to be late.  I’ll give myself an extra hour in traffic.”

Yes, I had transformed into an LA Person.  My hair turned blonde, my nails seemed to grow a layer of bling, and I couldn’t spend less that $100 on any piece of clothing.

Therapist or Trainer

Just as Portland had turned my skeptical Chicago self into a yoga-posing, organic-eating, mixologist foodie, Los Angeles had turned me into a celebrity-knowing, meetings-taking supertan consultant in high heels. I’m not ashamed of my transition.  Like sea creatures evolve to flourish in their environments, I mutated appropriately for the SoCal scene.

No Thanks I'm Juicing

But this change had to be documented.  The comparisons between Los Angeles and everywhere else needed to be logged.

Down the Block, I'll Drive

So I started the Only OK in LA series.  A collection of drawings and captions printed as postcards, these missives are meant to be sent from LA zipcodes to cities across the globe.  My Twitter feed keeps it real-time.

I Don't Date Actresses

The series struck a nerve.  People wanted prints!

Only OK Postcards

So I’m selling packs of 14 postcards for only $5 each. The entire series is currently on display at the Clubhouse’s Comedy In Art show (located on Vermont and Hollywood).  Each postcard is 5.5 x 8” and printed in black and white.

Only Ok in LA Postcard Set

You’ll get a free @OnlyOKinLA sticker with your order, and the satisfaction of knowing you’re one of us.  An LA person. Welcome to the fold, baby.  Let’s lunch soon.

Having A Blast In LA